The brand Vegetalement Provence was born from the encounter of two committed professionals, willing to share their values of high requirement, high quality standards and deep respect for the environment. “We wish to develop what we

have always dreamed of building” Jean-Marc Delabre and Vincent Faraco explain. The strength of Vegetalement Provence is that it has been thought of by and for concerned professionals.                   

« We put our professional expertise to the service of our clients and we keep their best interest at heart. »

Jean-Marc Delabre & Vincent Faraco

Our products

Vegetalement Provence is the French reference for alternative cosmetics, combining health & beauty. It is the mastered art of vegetal for hair, skin, beauty, to meet the highest requirements and bring back sense into daily routine.

Vegetalement Provence has taken advantage of vegetal and essential oils' benefits from its Mediterranean soil to create a revolutionary cosmetic line for beauty professionals, as well as for general public.

Vegetalement Provence offers an atypical collection of vegetal cosmetics. These "cosmeceutics" have been created in the historical cradle of essential and vegetal oils, coming from ancient knowledge. Provence's dry lands offer a great variety of plants said to be "wild", which aromatic and medicated virtues have been known since Antiquity.

Academy The Academy : an authorized education organism

You are looking for education on products, coloration, styling techniques, chignon mastering, make up… Vegetalement Provence expert technicians will support you and educated your teams to help you get the best result. Moreover, the Academy, supported by Vegetalement Provence, has a professional authorization to help you with granting benefits for your education.


The Academy also offers management modules, team coaching, personal development, human ressources management. Please feel free to ask the academy managers to answer any need you may have.



Academy Tailor-made education

You wish to organize a tailor-made education session in your salon, for your teams, Vegetalement Provence training team offers this kind of service

regularly by conceiving 100% adapted training sessions for your context and priorities. The teams come to you and become your special link.

Academy A 360° support

Vegetalement Provence teams support you from the start with our products to the establishment of Vegetalement Provence concept-stores. You have any question, may it be technical,

legal, management or financial: the teams answer your questions and put their years of experience to the service of each and every client.

Our best sellers

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Styling water

Styling water

Moisturizing building lotion with a light fragrance, fruit of a synergy of essential oils. Ideal before and during the cut, it helps the drawing of it, and daily, allows a natural hairstyle without weighing down. Tip: perfect for curly and thin hair to give a light hold.

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Hydrating organic balm

Hydrating organic balm

The care will provide extreme hydration to naturally dry and chemically treated hair. It brings shine and thanks to its formulation, the hair is hydrated and protected.

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Hydrating rinse free mist

Hydrating rinse free mist

Organice creation, it intensely moisturizes the hair fiber while perfuming it. Real care with immediate effect, the hair that receives this milky mist besomes silky, brilliant, disciplined, and unraveled. Very technical and sup'organic, it contains a synergy of essential oils, plant oils and plant extracts that sublime all hair types.

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He needs Freshness

He needs Freshness

Deep purifying organic shampoo with active plant ingredients, it eliminates impurities of all kinds such as dandruff, gel, hairspray, pollution, smoke, excess of sebum ... Especially perfect for oily scalp, problematic, or thick hair.

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Organic beard tonic

Organic beard tonic

The beard & mustache life oil holds an organic secret with toning, softening, moisturizing but especially regenerating properties. An anti-aging action finely assimilated with other protective and soothing plant active ingredients such as vitamin E and jojoba oil.

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Huile barbe Marceu

Water-free organic shampoo

Practical, ecological and super economical: this solid shampoo with ecological commitments corresponds to all types of hair and is also used for the body! Subtle 2 in 1, it is designed for those who are concerned about the beauty, the health of their skin and their hair.

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Vegetalement Provence cares particularly for the quality of the selected components. The founders, native from Provence, are proud to defend France’s values of excellence, as well as their region’s quality in components and fragrances, acknowledged world-wide.


Vegetalement Provence founders have committed to an eco-responsible approach in every step, from the cardboard box, filled with biodegradable corn starch particles, to solvent-free paper-tape allowing recycling at the end, and creating the largest wood building of South-East France, the first building to fulfil RT2012 regulations, naturally heated with wood shavings. Come meet them and chat around a biological coffee in a glass cup! Because in Vegetalement Provence, everything is transparent…


Vegetalement Provence teams follow their clients 24 hours a day to share tricks and tips on the products as well as on their profession. The teams help the instauration of the best use as well as supporting the hair-dressers in the daily development of their own business.
Tailor-made education modules are regularly elaborated, according to the needs of Vegetalement Provence clients. The clients benefit from a 360° support which allows them to focus on their company’s development.


Thanks to a 100% all-integrated production chain, Vegetalement Provence commits to deliver clients within 24 to 48 hours wherever in France, including week-ends, and in express everywhere in the world. With Vegetalement Provence, we are risk-free of “out of stock” as the company keeps at least 3 months-worth of sale, with a stock valorization update every 2 weeks.



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