Vegetalement Provence offers today full lines of coloration, conditioners, shampoos and make-up, rich with the finest components, as well as a large range of innovating accessories.

We do not negotiate on products quality nor on service quality. We have the highest rate of essential oils in the products on the market.

Our capitalistic freedom gives us 100% commitment, allowing no concessions.


Jean-Marc Delabre has an expert and acknowledged experience in cosmetics, both in the “brand” part, as General Manager for Sebastian Intl and member of Directing Committee for Wella group (world’s n°2), as well as in the “store” part with, here too, great companies such as the net of hair salons Jacques Dessange at the beginning of his career, and later Hair Club General Manager.

Vincent Faraco has been through the production pole of professional cosmetics by creating a cosmetic lab after experiencing international sales management in institutional structures for marketing and brand management: Richemont group (Cartier, Van Cleef, JeagerLecoultre, Chloé, Montblanc…) or the American Kraft Food International (Carte Noire coffee, Suchard, Van Houten, Côte d’Or, Hollywood…).

To sum up Vegetalement Provence in one sentence:

“the most technical and most vegetal brand on the professional market”.


In 2005, Jean-Marc and Vincent decided to create together Universal Beauty Group. “We already had the will to createsomething and it was time for us to capitalize on our experiences”.
Within ten years, the company has grown from a “very small enterprise” up to a full-expanding “medium size company”, present in every continent.